Fuck the BBC


As the old joke goes.

Sack Wallace three times.


yeah andrew neil 3 times please, tell him he’s been reinstated and wait until sunday morning and just sack him again.


it’s not an old joke it’s fresh


And the sauce has a lovely shine.


They didn’t want to hire me so yeah tbh

(Lol jk would I actually have been happy as a journalist? Doubt it)


Phil Neville
Danny Murphy
Alan Shearer


Would sort of miss the looks of obvious contempt Wareing and Torode shoot him every time he opens his fucking idiot gob, in a way




ken doherty
charlie from casualty
nigel slater


oh wait, is nick “grimmy” grimshaw still on the bbc gravy train? swap him for slater


well it’s day to day news coverage is kind of piss poor but some of the longer form newsnight pieces are pretty good. they’ve issued a few mea culpas about syria and libya, for instance, which are sadly too late but at least show a willingness to sometimes step outside west-ordained talking points. it’s kind of inherantly biased in favour of power but wcyd. question time is now a toilet into which any crank with time to spare on a thursday night can piss with merry abandon, and the way it continually elevates farage and softballs tory crimes will be a stain on its reputation for years to come.

however it also has a lot of good points outside of its news coverage - documentaries, its natural history and science programming, cool free shit on iplayer, the snooker, adam curtis, louis theroux, and of course attenborough.

mixed bag is the beeb, but its highs are truly glorious.


Ah shit, forgot about Lamacq Who Used To Write For The New Musical Express


did you know that he used to write for the NME?


like, regardless of what you think of adam curtis, what other broadcaster would give someone 30 grand to make a four hour documentary about the fall of the global order soundtracked by burial and russian punk songs?




What? Did he really? He must have some delightful anecdotes to share.


Help the BBC


Let them know it’s Christmas time.


Oh, I was going with an Adam Buxton reference but sure


ah yes of course