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Last night Newsnight wrongly claimed that Jeremy Corbyn always thought UK would be better off outside the EU. He campaigned for the UK to remain in and reform the EU. Despite complaints about this untruth the BBC has so far failed to issue a correction and make an apology.

On the same show, Emily Maitlis asked if the Tories “will fail the country and let Jeremy Corbyn into number 10”. What kind of bias is this and how come it’s allowed to pass without censure?


oh my god :rage:


part of me thinks individual presenters are doing it deliberately now just to trigger the left


How do you know?




I’ve seen the video clips on Twitter, smartarse.


So you are watching the BBC?


Small clips on Twitter do not count. Don’t be a dick.


What was the full context of the question please.



There’s also this nonsense.


And more misrepresentation in the same show.



What was the full context around the question to Dominic Grieve please.

If we’re going to go off talking about bias, I wouldn’t be holding up an 11 second clip with no context around it as a way of proving anything.


It’s cleared up in the comments on the first post


Intonation is a bitch.

It’s a poorly worded question absolutely, and she probably needs to think about her interviewing technique a bit, but “and put Jeremy Corbyn in power” sounds to me like it’s another clause.

you’re going to fail the country on Brexit, and the consequence for you is Jeremy Corbyn will end up in power.


Yup - I just watched the section leading up to the question and provides some background to the point she was making to Grieve - and included the other two on the panel.

The point I was making is that I’m all for pointing out and exposing bias but if you’re going to do that, don’t use such a blinkered and fallible methodology. Do it objectively. You could frame a single 10 second sounbite in any number of ways simply by removing the context its framed within.

The BBC isn’t perfect, at all, but this example is bullshit in my view. Perhaps poorly worded as @colinzealuk points out, but the actual question was rather different to the one the ha’penny bit on Twitter was accusing Maitlis of asking.


Are you suggesting that people are biased when it comes to judging and/or presenting the BBC’s bias?




Seriously?! Fuck the BBC. Xmess is ruined! :wink: