Fuck the BBC


Enjoyed on Today this morning when the only guest they had to talk about Brexit plan was some guy named Tim who was friends with some Tory ministers.


Weatherspoons man?






Yeah, I mean, Brexit isn’t popular, but it’s actually Corbyn’s fault.




Why is this the angle. Anti SNP?

why isn’t it First Minister ignores a fucking twat?

At the time of posting this is the TOP story on BBC Scotland.


BBC Children in Need tonight. Assuming they’ll have Myra Hindley on for ‘balance’.




oh my


If this is too far, please please delete the shit out of it @mods




Doctor Who on tomorrow night. Assuming they’ll have the humanoid embodiment of entropy on for ‘balance’.


No less than you’d expect from a cunt who’s friends with Orban. Imagine paying a license fee knowing that it paid this racist fuck’s massive wages.


Thing is, whilst I don’t particularly like Neil that much, I can’t see what the difference between this and, say, Gary Lineker posting a load of Liberal stuff on his timeline.

Whilst Neil is much more Conservative and therefore less palatable to folk like us, there is, objectively, little difference.


Clicked on this link:

Got this article:

It’s not the first time this has happened recently. I think everyone’s just given up caring.


Lineker isn’t presenting politics shows though


This. If the BBC have the nerve to present cunts like tommy robinson as ‘balance’ they can fuck off having a flagship politics presenter publically flogging that openly fascist bullshit


lineker also isn’t pals with neonazis and giving after dinner speeches at weird nazi think tanks for $$$