Fuck the BBC


Yeah we don’t consider it a football commentators job to hold people in power to account. Andrew Neil is unable to do his job properly.


there could definitely be a rule of thumb (i’m going with Linekar’s law) that says those in the media who are meant to hold power to account don’t, those who aren’t meant to… well they at least try to in some ways, they’ll challenge the status quo gently on twitter



Not sure we can pin that on Aunty, tbf.



it’s amazing how she dribbles on for so long without actually answering the question.


Her stuff about ‘providing an opportunity for views/groups/people to be challenged, rather than giving them a platform’ seems like total bollocks from where I’m sitting. Surely they’re the same thing?


Especially as I have never seen anyone from TPA, or IEA etc questioned about their funding or their lack of transparency.


Aye. I’m not particularly a Greer fan, but he makes that point clearly. And they completely slither out of addressing it.

  • “I can’t comment on the specific.”
  • “I’m not asking about the specific, I’m asking about the general.”
  • “I don’t want to comment on that either.”
  • “OK. How about you, [other person]?”
  • “waffle waffle both sides waffle waffle balance waffle waffle”



Er what?



As someone says below is it not a bit odd that she’s dressed as a vicar and using a different name? All a bit unusual.


thread has lost me now


They’ve introduced too many plot threads imo. Shark thoroughly jumped.


wrong thread


That feels right out of The Thick of It doesn’t it? Ollie’s one lady focus group.



Not paid by the BBC doesn’t mean she’s not a total shill. But whatever. I guess it’s not even that big a distinction whether she was paid or not, or by whom, if she was.

Having said that, she did ring a bell. Past Question Time audience member? But, again, whatever. These types of people are likely to pop up time and again, on programmes next to no-one watches, convincing next to no-one of anything. It was a complete fluke I even saw her at all. Very rarely bother watching Newsnight.


i meant to add that it reminds me of the way they ducked the question about giving a platform to shady lobbying groups, like i don’t think anyone is saying she was paid by the BBC, but they’ve chosen to focus on that and “debunk” it.

like if i spilled bleach on my gfs uniform and she accused me of doing it, and i defended myself by saying, “i was NOT wearing a grey jumper on the day in question, what a hysterical claim, you are way out of line here.”


Most obscure hypothetical crime ever :grin:

Wait a minute…