Fuck the BBC


PewDiePie printer hackers strike again http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-46552339

Utter despair.





It’s weird that they’ve done an article on a fairly no name extremist who got flu and died.


you call me a lib yet i clearly lean fash, who is the real monster here, mr sun journalist


Yikes, that’s put Murdoch on the porch hasn’t it? I expect an apology on Page 3 tomorrow and for the subject of the liberal bias of the BBC to never appear in one of his publications again.


He’ll probably have to step down, tbh. Absolutely savaged by Nicky boy there.


Has this wholesale been lifted from Buzzfeed?

(I got skateboarding fwiw…?)


I got Pole Fitness.


Eating baskets of kabanos, drinking industrial strength lager and dominating worlds strongest man competitions for decades?


I’ll give it a shot!


I said I wanted to do something in my own home and it gave me skateboarding? makes sense


also I quite like some of the sporcle style quizzes they do on the BBC Sport website now, but these ones can do one


Yeah dude, pop an olly in your bedroom, grind on some radiators, you know. Normal fitness regime for normal people!



Seb Gorka on today’s Daily Politics, obviously.


And also:



Melanie Phillips is also on the Daily Politics today, too.



Jordan B Peterson: ‘Young men need a gang’