Fuck the BBC


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Obviously the actual error itself is awful, but the systemic failure that had to happen for this to occur…

Giving evidence in the trial of Mr Ansari, Mr Majithia said he had thought that victims were assigned pseudonyms in such cases. He added that he had not done any court reporting before the incident and had never even sat in a crown court before to watch a case.

What the fuck? How does that happen? Almost literally journalism 101…




saw this, it’s pretty incredible


This has been pissing me off for a while now. For me it is the number one worst thing about the 21st century.


(insert joke about Prince Phillip orchestrating car crashes here)


But not really.

" What does this mean for patients?
Most people should be able to get their prescriptions filled as normal.
But if they need one of the drugs that is running short, they might not be so lucky."

What is the scale of the problem?
It is hard to obtain a definitive tally of which medicines are running short.”

“Unfortunately what’s been happening on social media over Christmas is that people have been… assuming this is because of Brexit. There are global issues at play here.”

Or the BBC have been indicating that’s what patients should do by running this as their headline. The papers are all focusing on Prince Philip’s car crash, so I assume this isn’t a response to scaremongering in the other gutter press.


Absolutely unbelievable that a 97-year-old man walks away from a flipped car completely unscathed. Barely even hiding their lizard nature now, are they.


Can’t stop thinking about that headline


And I assume “B-test” means breathalyser, but nobody in history has called it that


Probably scuttled off to hide in the hedgerow and await some passing schoolchildren to devour whole.


Pretty sure he left his tail in the car and now has to regenerate in a pile of leaves under a shed.


Thank god this crash didn’t happen near a nuclear power station, he’d be destroying downtown Tokyo by now.


Mind those episodes of Blue Peter where they shoved the Duke of Edinburgh into a cardboard box full of shredded newspaper for the winter?

Great days.


Blates misheard his concern about his eggs; the young he had in the boot.




i heard she was treated like complete shit during the broadcast itself


bastani is correct and good sometimes