Fuck the BBC


I’ve heard about that too. I don’t watch it any more. Or any other BBC programming. And to avoid paying the licence, any other broadcast television.


I had it on the background last night and it was awful. Abbott was the victim of a pretty nasty audience, but it wasn’t helped by the constant interruptions from Bruce and Isabel Fucking Oakeshott.


nazi barbie’s continued presence in the media is bewildering, and her shady connections have afaik never been properly scrutinised by the beeb


I hate Fiona Bruce. She once stood in front of our car as we were trying to leave a service station and my da had to beep the horn to get her to move.

This isn’t why I hate her, just an example of the type of person she is.


did she do a citizens arrest, prepare to die bit? maybe it’s something in the beeb water coolers :thinking:


The other bit that really annoyed me was when Oakeshott tried to compare buying a car to keeping no deal on the table I mean ffs.


Absolutely love it when they dress up “wages are too low to live on” as “those wacky millenials, eh? What have they come up with now?”


Ah, this happened just down the road from me! Tbf to the Duke of Edinburgh, it’s quite a difficult road to join when there’s a lot of traffic.




Yeah, felt like she was doing herself - she accused Abbott of having this pre-condition of ruling out no deal, and compared it to haggling to buy a car and not caring about how much you spend - but surely pushing for no deal is the scenario where you’re committing to doing something regardless of the final cost?


Absolutely love this image/caption combo.



the tory backed yougov poll was the anomaly: all other poll show labour either leading or level. pathetic tbh


And that is not a fucking apology.


Malaysia, which is a majority Muslim country, banned the athletes because of what Kuala Lumpur sees as Israel’s poor treatment of Palestinians.

Imagine caring so little about children shot by snipers that you could write that paragraph. Fucking parasites.


What alternative wording would you suggest be used by an organisation whose Charter requires it to do all it can to ensure due impartiality?


Many. Not using the qualifier ‘what Kuala Lumpur sees as,’ or the deliberately vague ‘poor treatment’ would be a start. I’m not disputing the decision to move the event as its noting to do with the athletes, but the reporting is anything but imperial, as its deliberately obscuring a load of very important info on the subject.


Surely “what Kuala Lumpur sees as” is textbook impartial wording?


If they want to do that they then have to include the next sentence of ‘x amount of children have been shot dead by snipers in the last year.’ That is not the same as ‘mistreatment.’ They’re a news outlet, if they feel that reporting a fact would break their charter then they either shouldn’t have that charter, or shouldn’t be a news outlet.


Did Malaysia specifically link the Israeli athlete ban to children being killed by snipers?


He told the BBC last week that Malaysia would have “lost our moral conscience and moral compass” if hosting an international sporting event was “more important than safeguarding the interest of our Palestinian brothers and sisters who are being mutilated time after time again”.

Unless you think they’re referring to some of the less recent mutilations then yeah.