Fuck the BBC


I think it’s a pretty harsh criticism of the BBC in this instance to say they should have started bringing in statistics that weren’t specifically referred to. If they had done so, could the impartiality argument not then have been extended to say that they should also be querying the Malaysian government’s motives and own “moral conscience and moral compass” given their anti-semitism and dodgy human rights record?

All I’m saying is that I think it’s a slippery slope to highlight what isn’t said by an organisation like the BBC in its reporting. There are far more valid criticisms in this thread.


It’s a fair opinion to have, but then do you really think that they would have conspicuously omitted any background for an article about a conflict that didn’t involve an ally like Israel or the Saudis?


Pass. They do quote the Malaysian minister of youth and sports in the article and include the video of the HARDtalk interview, so I don’t think you can call it selective reporting.


if she had said something similar about the nazi barbie doll they would have apologised within a day.


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I’m mostly with @Raanraals here, Israel-Palestine is a complete clusterfuck to report on and I reckon the BBC have pretty good job or recording this as factually as possible. (Even the quote you have from the PM from the article doesn’t specify children, FWIW.)

That said, I take some issue with them pointing out Malaysia is ‘majority Muslim’ because it is framing this as based along religious grounds, which I feel isn’t part of impartiality.

I mean regardless of how you report this you are going to get crap for it from one side or another, really. It’s probably impossible to report on impartially.


Like I said to ranraals, it’s a fair opinion to have, but something about the way it’s reported really doesn’t sit right with me. Not definitive, but here’s how they describe human rights abuses by a regime were not selling weapons to.


I feel like you’re framing stuff here too. Myanmar is also much more removed from British public life and the situation is therefore not remotely political to us. ‘Selling weapons’ isn’t the only point: there are lots of Jewish people in this country who are facing anti-semitism as a result of simplistic conflation between problems with the Israeli regime and simply being Jewish; it’s not a simple issue to report on.

I absolutely agree that the reporting of that Malaysia piece reeks of treading on eggshells but I think that reflects the wider politics of the discussion in the UK and as such I think the article does a mostly good job of trying to report facts without leaving the BBC open to attacks.


Aye, the fact that a load of twats want to blame any jewish person for the actions of one government thousands of miles away is a whole other problem, and maybe it does make decisions on how to word some things more problematic, but if you’re an internationally renowned and trusted news source, accurate reporting should come first, surely?


SIDE QUESTION: have we ditched using ‘Burma’ in The UK now?


Mission of Myanmar


Myanmar Shave…


I think we started using Myanmar when they officially changed it. Not sure tbh.


I thought in The UK we didn’t as the country name was changed by an unelected junta?


I didn’t realise. I usually use Myanmar as its the one that seems to be used more frequently, but I guess either is fine.


The foreign office/government still recognise them as Burma - https://www.gov.uk/world/organisations/british-embassy-rangoon

From a vague memory I think some of the British media including the BBC chose to switch around about the time that Aung San Suu Kyi was released and those first elections were held.


Can’t find anything explicit annoyingly…


It’s always a minefield. When I was in India we met up with my wife’s old friend, a Muslim who was born and raised in Mumbai, who insisted on still calling it Bombay because she considered the push to change the name was driven by a violent, right-wing Hindu parliamentary faction.


The best I can find is this styleguide dated 2013…


The BBC has been moving towards calling the country Myanmar . We should use Myanmar rather than Burma in headlines and summaries. Inside the body of our stories, preferably on first mention, we should include the wording “Myanmar, also known as Burma”. Further references should be to Myanmar. We should talk about the main commercial city as " Yangon , also known as Rangoon", and thereafter Yangon. The name of the capital is Nay Pyi Taw.


Fucking hell - it’s health and safety gone mad!!!11