Fuck the BBC


The BBC: we try not to take sides

Also the BBC:


Not sure we need the general public deciding an open vote on European issues again, they’ll probably vote that we leave Eurovision completely and set up our own singing contest with more brown ale and hatred


Some gammon guy gets into the QT audience multiple times. Again.


You’ll be disappointed to discover that we know a very pro-indy guy in Scotland who works as a producer for QT. Fortunately I haven’t spent much time with him, because I’d find it difficult to keep a lid on all my feelings if I did.


The feelings of righteous agreement I assume


Mark me down as indifferent. I barely ever watch QT, including the editions with this particular guy on.


They’re trying really hard to legitimise it, aren’t they?


what the fuck


Cancelling my tv license


agree, idk what other response i can have at this point


“Doing so could imply the BBC supported one side or another,” they said.

The BBC Action Line added: “It isn’t possible for the BBC Action Line to offer support for abortion and similarly contentious issues without referring people either to campaigning organisations which take a particular stance on an issue or to organisations which provide it.”

HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING TO BOTH SIDES A PERFECTLY LEGAL MEDICAL PROCEDURE YOU FUCKING CUNTS! don’t provide any advice on vaccines because they’re so fucking “contentious” then, you numbfuck wankers!


At the very least they could link to the NHS website, which has groups like BPAS on there:


Keep both-siding any issue when one side is going in a particular direction very quickly, and you’ll wind up in some strange places.


F£cking “side hustles” (second jobs). Their willingness to leap on any bullsh£t media term to make a headline is nauseating. It’s bad enough in business with “pure play” (that means focused, incidentally) and all this other sh£t. Just bloody use English. FFS.



I’m sure that the timing is purely a fluke, but on the same day that the Spectator publishes this


An event popped up on Facebook called ‘identity politics is tearing us apart’ with Shriver arguing the case


Have heard absolutely nothing about her since We Need To Talk About Kevin, when did she turn into such a howling great nob?


Ah just seen this stuff here.

Her Wiki page cites her as a Libertarian so I guess she always was?


She’s probably always been a dickhead, but for a few years now she’s really been pushing the Literary Katie Hopkins angle:

(We Need To Talk About Kevin was massively over-rated too. Take that “Lionel”!)