Fuck the BBC


I met Lionel Shriver at a party a few years ago. It was just after her interview with Lynn Barber which made her out (quite reasonably!) to be a nightmare, and I was stupid enough to bring it up. Had the most awkward two minutes of conversation in my life. Her PR was stood behind her with her face expressing “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry” throughout the whole thing.


“lionel shriver”



At age 15, she informally changed her name from Margaret Ann to Lionel because she did not like the name she had been given, and as a tomboy felt that a conventionally male name fitted her better.

So you’d think she’d be better than to come out with the following arseholery:

In June 2018 she criticised an effort by the publisher Penguin Random House to diversify the authors that it published and better represent the population, saying that it prioritised diversity over quality and that a manuscript “written by a gay transgender Caribbean who dropped out of school at seven” would be published “whether or not said manuscript is an incoherent, tedious, meandering and insensible pile of mixed-paper recycling”.

Nevertheless, I’d still be inclined to steer away from giving her the Gideon Osborne/Stephen Yaxley-Lennon name-taunt treatment (which that pair of fuds unquestionably deserve). Feels a bit deadnamey.


She missed out “with no legs” :unamused:


Something really gross about this from the clickbait headline down.


The tone of this is all so odd.


Aye. Odd, bearing in mind the nature of the content, to Buzzfeed-ify it as a numbered four-point listicle. In 2019. And the way it seems to be doing a Will you still listen to him now? How about now? Even after this? as it goes through the list. And does weird crap jokes about serious stuff. Very confused stuff.


The level of sub-editing on the BBC website is absolute shite these days. Take this for example: an article relating to the death of Keith Flint features an embedded tweet from an entirely different news story:

Seems to happen with depressing regularity.


Not new, but belongs here for the sake of completeness, I guess.


“We have the lowest level of food poisoning in the United States,” US ambassador Woody Johnson told the Today programme, without any challenge from John Humphrys.

In fact around 14.7% of Americans suffer from a food-borne illness each year compared to just 1.5% of British people.


Maybe by ‘we’ he meant ‘rich white people’


Loved the guy I heard who summed it up like this:

There’s faecal matter on the meat, so American farms treat it with chlorine. The EU’s approach is “let’s not get faecal matter on the meat”.



Yeah I heard that. Very nicely summed up.



Maybe it’s just the Partridge thread, but hard not to read this in Alan’s voice:

Not my image: Somebody else made this – indicating that concerns over the BBC’s claim to impartiality are well-founded.


Woody Johnson. Some serious nominative determinism going on there.


I may have complained about this already but the way Laura Kunesbuerng puts a :point_down: emoji in all her tweets. yesh i know the link is meant to be clicked on. CHEERS


the updates make it even more of a farce. fuck QT, fuck the bbc