Fuck the BBC


It’s terrible that I read something put out by the BBC and simply don’t believe them.


“Some of the people asking questions were party shills.”
“Au contraire, Owen. They were all party shills.”



this is embedded in that article. jfc, how can they deny this goes beyond naive “both sides” behaviour and into something quite sinister imo:


and he’s a tory too, gave a speech at one of their conferences. totally randomly selected tho.


You tell he’s a tory by his chin


There in a bit of a bind with this the BBC as no none tory people want to be in the question time audience.


I’ve been on/in the audience and it was pretty balanced; plenty of Lefty types airing their views, a fair bit of The Other Lot, but a) we were in Manchester and b) that was 10 years ago. Seemed a much more balanced show in those days. I had a right go at then-health-secretary Andr£w L4nsley and a few weeks later he was fired. Lovely stuff.


I know people who have applied time and time again and never got to be in the audience. One friend said that next time he’ll lie about his political views on the form and see if it makes a difference.


^This. I was in the audience in Stoke c15 years ago and found the mix to be about right


Few tories outing themselves


But in all seriousness the tories have absolutely flooded the bbc with people since the start of the Cameron days. These people think they’re good so hire people like themselves and then everyone there is a Tory.
It was planned too


Seriously fuck the BBC


don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say there are people working there who are actively sympathetic to the far right and will platform representatives at any opportunity


there’s another clip of a bbc news presenter last night doing the whole “some people say” bit, where he tries to frame the massacre as being the victims’ fault for “not integrating”. just asking questions, naturally.

i feel like a license fee boycott is about the only thing that might get their attention. i’m surprised there hasn’t already been a push for this.


There has, hugely, by Tommy Robinson.


i’m not sure a license fee boycott designed to pressure them to stop platforming nazis is the same as tommy robinson pushing for one to pressure them to increase their collaborationist behaviour.


Mm the problem is it’s exactly the same; the 2 sides want the same thing, he thinks everyone at the BBC is biased against him and Our Side think the same, just the other way round. It’s been that way for years now, i thought everyone was saying as much.


yeah but they’re the bad guys


but there is actual evidence from multiple studies showing they have an innate right-wing bias, and as the last few months have demonstrated, the last 24 hours in particular, this is getting worse as time goes on. the generation identity thing alone should be a huuuuuuge red flag to all of us that something sick is happening at bbc HQ. i’m not sure why we should be expected to pay for this shite anymore.