Fuck the BBC


Nick Robinson is undeniably dreadful, he can’t hide the fact he’s a Tory fanboy however much he tries. And the Today programme is largely unlistenable.

However, I can’t agree that the BBC’s journalism is all terrible, they have some amazing broadcasters; Emily Maitlis and Eddie Mair are both brilliant for a start


Um did anyone actually watch the clip in the OP? Weird how no one ITT is talking about it. It’s insidous as fuck and just proves how the mainstream media in this country exists in this weird white privileged bubble. I’m really really angry about this. As good as Sadiq’s response was I’m not sure they should’ve broadcast the clip.


without the bbc I wouldn’t trust anyone to make good documentaries about the inland waterways


Waterway to have a good time


There isn’t a clip in the OP. There’s a clip in another thread linked in the OP. And it’s a clip that I can’t play because I’m at work.


Fuck off mate.


Eh? I’m literally explaining to you why I haven’t commented on it. There is nothing in this thread (including in your first post incidentally) that indicates what it’s about.


It’s like two clicks away


Which part of “I can’t play it because I’m at work” is proving difficult for you?


Missed that bit. Thought you were just being lazy. Sorry for being grouchy I just don’t react well to casual racism from our national broadcaster.


OK. Sorry for pressing your buttons too.


Expect some absolute prick to do the

Yeah, but where are you really from… line of questioning to a Brit who has the temerity to have a lil too much melanin


BBC Knobhead says to Sadiq Khan “What’s it like coming home?”

Sadiq nails him by saying “Home is Sarf London, m9!”


Well certainly I can get on board with “Fuck Karl Mercer”.

Wow. That is… poor.



I think Sadiq’s a bit of an arse, but that’s fucking outrageously bad reporting, really.


Honestly I’d say that was worthy of disciplinary action.


I love the concept and aims of the BBC, as should anyone who likes evidence-based, in depth, intelligent broadcasting that doesn’t pander to commercial concerns. It’s also why the concept should be supported by anyone to the left of centre.

Unfortunately, the BBC is fast losing the faith of its supporters in its attempts to placate people who would never even support its concept, and instead want to see it taken down.


^This. That’s fucking outrageous.


Would happily see the BBC fully Channel 4-ified.

Aunty died years ago and she’s not coming back.


Keaveney could stay as long as he drops the shit comedy accents, OR he gets an electric cattle prod each time he gets one out.