Fuck the BBC


Either they’ve invented him or misrepresented him so badly that this bears no relation to the truth or found someone so earth-shatteringly stupid that no sensible journalist would ever try and present them as anything other than a weird outlier. I’ve just read it again because I really hate myself and this quote jumped out:

Annoyingly for me, I happen to have a lot of wealthier friends and so the idea of my mum taking money from me instead of giving me money towards rent seems absurd.

The nerve it must take to present a quote like that as typical of an adult child living with their parents.


This was the first thing I read this morning and it’s made me angry all day. ffs


This gets a “fuck the BBC” from me. Not sure how other news outlets are reporting this but I can’t help but feel like the BBC are blaming the victim for being out in heels and “having fun”


I dunno. I didn’t read it that way and to me those details make it more tragic. She was out having fun and happened to be in a vulnerable position when approached by the attackers. But that’s just my reading of it.


Yeah maybe it’s either just the salient information from the day’s evidence or as you say, just an attempt to help the reader picture the events of the night. I guess it just plays into a certain trope, that’s all.


Gotta say I didn’t read it like that at all


But not everyone was impressed with the broadcast. One Twitter user questioned PBS Kids’s agenda. And someone on Facebook called it “grooming kids and wrong”

why is it so important to give ‘someone on facebook’s’ view, it is a settled issue and and depicting a legally permitted event, someone complaining about interracial marriage wouldn’t be given the both sides treatment, should be the same here, and to to use the word “grooming” with the connotations that has


It’s just lazy, isn’t it?

Why bother finding people to comment when you can just copy and paste an opinion?

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I think they shouldn’t even need to find people to comment, if there was a story about gay pride you would hope that they wouldn’t include a ‘but not everyone is happy…’ bit, if there is a significant backlash then that is fair enough to report, as long as it is framed correctly as a worrying number of people objecting to the legal rights of others, not as an argument that is on equal footing, but to seek out some twitter and facebook comments just to present two sides of a one sided issue for the sake of it is fuck the abc worthy