Fuck the BBC

Was just about to post this. It’s really grim.

how did these people end up like this? Do people only thrive in the media because they think like this. It’s so baffling.

Jesus Christ.

On the day that he was reinstated in his job because the smears were obviously baseless, the BBC’s response basically amounts to “we happily went along with a far-right website’s smears, and we’re trying to bring in a system that stops people questioning Tory politicians”

Sigh. Do they think fascists should look like Wurzel fucking Gummidge?

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jfc. Also makes no sense. Yeah cos those Nazis weren’t known for their Hugo Boss gear and sharp haircuts or anyth… oh.

I swear to christ that line is in every single one of these puff pieces. ‘With his haircut and his shoes Michael Killjew looked like a human, not the werewolf I had pictured in my brain’


think we’ve just got to accept that having hair is fascist now and only the baldies can be trusted for politics. sorry

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Lead story on Today this morning was them leaked emails from the British embassy to the US.

Who was best qualified to speak about this on Today? A member of the current cabinet? A member of the foreign office, perhaps? Anyone from a party with a single MP?

No. Nigel Farage is of course uniquely qualified to talk about this.

And people haven’t been writing the same “ooh look at these well turned out and dapper nazis” bits for at least three years now. I mean I know it’s the BBC but come the fuck on

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Kind of feel sorry for the leaker

the entire thing is a load of shit, didn’t even finish reading cos fuck offffffffffffffff

Well this is all very lovely.

let me correct that for you

The government have been destroying people’s lives and communities by forcing them to move hundreds of miles away due to a lack of social housing


Well done on just repeating the Government’s framing on this, when there’s actually no new money available at all.

Dunno if they updated it but says probably from existing budgets fairly early on

They’ve kept the headline and sub-head though.

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Had a wee internal chuckle at this

Get me on that plane to Luanda!

(it does actually have holiday destinations further down the article)

Iceland is nice.

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