Fuck the BBC


yeah this is well put.

i do love it more generally, i think the news app is solid and reliable and i listen to their radio comedy most days on the way to work, but their more general news output is increasingly a shitshow.

still raging they dumped the Met Office in favour of some private company as well


It’s no e4


When you remember George Lamb, though…


I know it’s a BBC news clip but is it definitely a BBC journalist asking the question to Khan?

Not even devil’s advocating just wanna know who the bellend is


Genuinely hate keaveney more


Karl Mercer apparently (and yes, BBC)


has anyone read that tom mills book “myth of a public service”? heard good things about it.


Pretty much sums up why the beeb are useless on any important issue atm


Fuck the BBC for giving UKIP way more coverage than they deserves, proportionally with regard to the size of their organisation and number of elected representatives. They actually helped to advertise UKIP’s existence and help them to get votes. Fuck them for that.


Did George Lamb have any redeeming features, though? I can take Keaveney right up to the point of the first impression, then I have to turn it off. That’s where I can see @Aggpass’s point - Lamb was irredeemable to my ears; Keaveney isn’t.


If they could drop the chatty, informal, buzzfeed-style shit that they go for on the news website these days I’d appreciate it.


Stood next to him at a Kelela gig the other night. He left early.


This was on the front page the other day. I wouldn’t believe what happened to number 6!



Think we might be at crossed purposes, here. I like Keaveney. Lamb was as unlistenable as Moyles.


I took a screenshot and sent it to my mate of how shit The BBC website is for news.

Main items:
A bit of snow in The UK during December.
A football manager gets a job as a football manager. A Chinese man paints lines on a road in China.


Not entirely cross porpoises… I like everything about Keaveney apart from those stupid bloody accents. Unfortunately he seems incapable of going more than three minutes without doing one.


Ctrl-F ‘sound editor Masterchef’

I understand the guillotine is busy at this time of year, but priorities yeah?


As long as we agree that Lamb was a shithouse, were good. :kissing_heart:


Yes, Wuzzers, we certainly are.


I’ll be honest. I want to know more about the road painting.