Fuck the BBC


I think the homepage is now entirely generated by webpage popularity rather than a decision taken by an editor. It’s the only explanation for some of the truly mundane shit they’ve had on there since the re-skin.


Although I will be disappointed if he didn’t paint a straight road disappearing into the distance and stand it in front of a cliff.


Very rarely watch/read/listen to anything created by the BBC. It’s an extremely crap private school bubble run and staffed by people who don’t understand the world at all.

From now on all professions should just be run by sociology postgrads imo. Everyone else is too stupid.


:grin:One of my favourite recent Lamacq moments was on Round Table ‘I wrote for the NME…back when that was a Big Deal’


Think you’re all missing that this is just WZA’s delayed reaction to them cancelling BBC3


not already mentioned but worth remembering they are also facing legal action from women over equal pay


Do this on Climate Change topics quite a lot, as well. Or at least they did. Stopped bothering to watch the BBC a long time ago.


You ARE Garry Bushell and I claim my ten pounds.


Watching BBC news makes my blood boil. Just makes me really angry because you expect better from them. I dont think news items really work in a tv format because there will always be an angle and bias by omission (or overrepresentation).

The news website often gets basic facts wrong. Some of the worst drug reporting about. One artical I read I reported because they mentioned that roflcopter (please the BBC no one calls mxe that), Ketimine, and MDMA as the same drug. It was baffling! This was corrected but they keep on making such mistakes that just creates more confusion. It also makes me question the quality of a lot of the journalism on the website.

But the good things are really rather good. Planet Earth and its spin off shows are some of the best programmes ever put to television!

They can afford to take more risks as it doesnt use an ad funding modal. BBC Scotland for instance have funded some of the most bizarre experimental sketch shows in the Limmy Show and the armando iannucci show. For the quality of shows I think only HBO is better.


Agree that the News website seems to have gone off recently, too much clickbate and not enough news. Plenty of other places you can get that, for a public service you’d expect better.

Genuinely think they can’t win with the bias thing, though. Talk to anyone on the right, and they’re convinced they’re a bunch of lefty pro-European republicans, whereas those on the left maintain they’re a load of Tory Brexiter royalists. If they’re pissing both sides off, it probably means their coverage is about right.


no no no, it means that one side is dangerously delusional


this is such good fucking FTFY posting. thoroughly liked.


And Scotland




The BBC have cancelled Scotland?



More like gave it enough rope with repeated SPL coverage


There’s a lot bad about the BBC, but then there’s also Robot Wars. So in that respect it’s somewhat balanced.


Oh, they won with the bias thing. And the 3:2 ratio of statements favouring the Scottish Referendum No campaign over the Yes campaign doesn’t begin to tell the full story. Here’s a report about a study done on it.

Alternatively, here’s how BBC reporting has let us down regarding NHS coverage.


Cheers for explaining the joke pal