Fuck the BBC


“It was a joke”

No, it wasn’t.


I don’t think the BBC even know what kind of website they want to be any more.



It’s getting more and more full of clickbait drivel and less actual news. Think it’s pretty shocking really given it’s supposed to be a public service.


It’s weird, but I’m sure they can show this stuff gets more clicks which they can use to argue shows they’re fulfilling their remit of churning out popular bullshit.


Yeah, that’s probably true unfortunately, although I don’t think trying to emulate Mailonline should be their remit, really. Perhaps I’m just being snobbish, but I think the whole point of a public service news broadcaster is to report the news, especially stuff that’s considered too serious/boring/unsexy to get coverage elsewhere.


It’s the BBC News website. So it should have the news. And not just be an endless succession of skateboarding duck videos and uncritical soundbites.


Isn’t that the problem with news values, though? They have to publish what will drive circulation, so they can’t just focus on what they ‘should’ be publishing, but instead what resonates with their audience. I’m not saying they shouldn’t aim higher, but in a crowded marketplace they’re going to get massacred if they don’t run with the ‘Skateboarding Duck Has Changed Position On Brexit’ stuff. I mean, still fuck them for giving their airtime over to right-wing demagogues and so on, but it is driven by what the public wants, and we all know how that ends up.


Not particularly ‘fuck the bbc’ and I didn’t bother reading the rest of this but this is a weird thing to write?