Fuck the BBC


Oh my fuck.


it’s the second hit of ‘dawn butler’ when you can really feel the presenter understanding how fucked she is


Meant to bump this the other day when 6music, who run about 5 stories all day every day, one was about one person (with a foreign sounding name) falsely claiming money for the grenfell disaster… Not looked into it but imagine its a very small % in terms of the cost cutting that caused it.


Yeah, i remember that, and thinking are you guys sure, absolutely sure, that this is the biggest piece of news in the country right now?

It stuck out like a sore thumb. Weird.


On Monday the news mainly consisted of how many people had watched the Bodyguard.




Yup. I had the misfortune of seeing a wider than usual range of BBC radio and TV output throughout the day. There was definitely a briefing to every single BBC employee that they needed to refer to the Bodyguard and make reference crowbar the phrase spoiler alert in for good measure.

All I could think of was Whitney Houston.

Anyway, the whole thing was like when you go back to browsing the internet without adblock. Horrible padding. Wafer thin content.


tbf Bodyguard was the Beeb’s biggest drama hit for a decade, so they’re right to be chuffed. Netflix famously don’t publish viewing numbers, so fuck 'em.


Yeah it’s almost as if the BBC’s entire existence is at threat if their entertainment and drama output isn’t seen as competitive in the overall marketplace.


i say fuck the bbc because almost all their news presenters are hideous tories or tory think tankers or both, don’t watch any of their drama so i don’t know if it’s any good



Duchess Meghan or whatever she is called

They don’t seem to be in a rush to make any more of that ludicrous period drama with Tom Hardy that I’ve forgotten the name of, so they’re in my bad books


It’s in the works apparently, but as Hardy produces and writes bits of it himself, they’re beholden to him making time for it. And at the moment he’s dicking about in Venom.


and sings the theme tune? I really hope he sings the theme tune.


I also have no idea what it was called but it was a lot of fun and he was about to hit the seas and then fuck people up in the US.



“At this point I really think my character would say ‘hmph’”
“OK thanks Tom. We’ll make sure that gets in.”


He doesn’t sing it but it’s based on a melody originally whistled by him.


I hope he gives the character a completely different accent in the second series.


I have tried watching Vikings on amazon prime which has a similar sort of vibe and even plot but its not quite the same


That is my plumber’s favourite programme. He tells me about it every time he comes round (and he comes round quite a lot).