Fuck The Police thread (rolling)








Sorry, big misunderstanding. I meant to post that in the ‘flags’ thread.


you’re better than this


Stop being antisocial


Ban Request!


From a while ago, but still


Reckon your doing them a favour there, shoes are bound to be cleaner than communal upholstery due to the constant attrition


was hoping this was going to be a sincere thread about the filth, only to find it’s just some joker rubbing his probably dog-shit smeared shoes on public seating



Asked for my food from Pret to go, so I didn’t have the pay the higher dine-in price.

Only gone and dined in anyway didn’t I?

I just don’t give a FUCK


Depriving the public purse of VAT. Another year of an underfunded NHS it is, then.


Cuff him lads!



save it for thursday



Coming straight from the over ground! (This was meant as a response for the pic up top on the train)