Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams



when’s your interview going up?


Writing it tomorrow/weds it will be in the October issue of The Skinny (and online) so start of end of sept/start of October


New song up, which in every sense of the word is the heaviest on the record (been quite surprised by their choices of singles actual) but Mike has said that lyrically this is the centre point of the record which makes sense given there is basically a novel in this one


As much as I want to listen. I feel like this is a record that I should digest whole and loud.
Going to wait for the full release and blast it.


Well you’re only a week away so I reckon that’s manageable


In my mind it was a lot longer away!


Loving the strings and the whole feel of the title track, which seems pretty unFucked up. And awesome. Hard not to think this won’t be making a strong case for AOTY.


Yeah this is the most “Screamadellica”


Funnily enough, I was getting a hint of Bobby Gillespie in the pre-Damien vocals. Baggy Bob rather than Jagger Bob.


Anyone elses copy arrive today? Mine dropped through the post… waiting for the kids to go to bed before it goes on…


I’m very excited to hear what you think


It’s really a mental album… sonic experiments all over the place and every type of style from jazz to techno… Frist listen is very positive. Best songs (the ones I instantly loved)
None of your business man
Tell me what you see
Living in a simulation
The one I want will come for me
Joy stops time

But there is loads more to get into.


That’s incredible that none of the five we’ve heard so far are in your top five! I cannot wait to hear this!


Where did you order it from?

Great to hear the positive first impressions!



First track? I think I’m going to hold off now until next week! Thanks though!


Just from their web store… ordered the peak edition.

I thought it was going to be the new nick cave ep when I got the post… nice surprise even better now it’s on 2nd spin.


Cool! (Your post has made the wait a little more painful! Can you pretend it’s awful till my copy arrives?)


Impressive strength of mind!


Can’t feckin wait for this! Sounds like it’s going to be humungus