Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams



Yeah that’s the opener


My fav is Don’t Wanna Live In This World Anymore


That’s what I meant when I said I was surprised by their single choices


I mean, it was never going to be anything else was it?


Did it have 5-ness about it from the first few listens or has it grown into a 5?


I knew pretty much immediately


Some serious promotional content here lads


Yeah this is spectacular innit. It’s SO vibrant and they’ve absolutely nailed all the new styles they’ve incorporated. Can’t wait to see them live in a few months.


Ok here’s my director’s cut review:

P.s my first ever 10/10 on DiS for a new release


Nice words. Friday can’t come soon enough.


Great review. Definitely not helping with the agonising wait for the postman to visit on Friday though!


Not reading anything until I’ve listened to this at least 5 times. I will be checking these out soon after though @Severed799, you’ve lead me to a fair few diamonds over the last while. Haven’t looked forward to a release like this in years!


Feeling very much the same about this record. Rolo and Conjurer may have to move aside. Or at least just shuffle up a bit.


It’s going to have to be out of this world to topple Rolo tbh. It’s there to be beaten though


I might be getting a bit carried away there, yes. Rolo’s album is stunning and Conjurer hasn’t been far off for me.


Nah you’re not it’s better


Must be on 7th or 8th listen now… it’s a record that keeps getting better. 10/10 review is spot on…


Postie has mine. :frowning_face:


One spin. I’m in love!


I’m not even half way through and feeling the same