Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams



One of those days I wish my commute was much longer. Was actually praying for a traffic jam.

So I’m about half way in and so far it’s mind blowing. Actually can’t wait to get out of here and listen to the second half. Not as weird as I was expecting it to be, from people’s comments I thought it was going to be all over the place like a Ween album or something but it sounds like Fucked Up doing Fucked Up to me.

This is great.


This music is good music.


not heard anything like this before
so much fun


You know that thing where you bump into an old friend you haven’t seen for ages? You weren’t expecting to see them and then, out of context, suddenly there they are!

Hi J Mascis! Wasn’t expecting to see you here! How you doing?



this is a fucking weird album. liking it so far though



Even more excited for this now. I’m saving it for a drive up to Brum this evening though. Feel the road might be a good spot for a first listen.


Mind the car doesn’t take off


WTF at Dose Your Dreams title track going full !!!
This is fucking brilliant, innit?


Sure is. They come out just ripping before the album starts stretching its legs. 7 tracks in and loving it so far-


You’ve summed it up pretty well here. On paper I would hate this album, but I am also enjoying it.


Title track opens up sounding like an INXS tune Lololol didn’t expect that but I’ll take it


First half done. So, so good. The painful wait has been so worth it. (Had heard 5 of the songs already, but great to hear them in the context of the album.)

And the players are coming out for the second half, Clive…


How To Die Happy is fantastic.


This does play a bit like Titus’ The Most Lamentable Tragedy in its dynamism and range. Which is a record I loved. I’m a sucker for big ambitious explosive creative feasts like this.


OH hot damn Accelerate is the mother fucking JAM


You mean the album that ripped off David Comes to Life :wink:


Fair but still enjoyable. Man this Accelerate tune is doing it for me. Had to immediately replay it. Al Jourgensen (Ministry) is mad jealous right now if he’s listening. And he should be…

And actually given Stickles is such a massive Fucked Up fanboy I would choose to say inspired/highly influenced by instead of ripped off.


I can’t wait to see this played live and dance to it.


Cannot wait to yell all of ‘None Of Your Business Man’ when I see them.

Two listens in and I’m going to need a few more for it to sink in but this is class.


Fantastic record, utterly brilliant.