Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams



It’s completely flawless. Look forward to every track after the last


Joint top honours with Rolo this year perhaps?


Was just thinking earlier that it’s going to be a really tough call. Gave TWD&LWBI a spin last night just to kind of compare and I can’t see it not being my AOTY… it really might have to be joint honours this year


Here’s my interview with Mike :slight_smile:


Enjoyed that a lot!
I’ve just been doing a big ear to ear grin since I first spun the record. I’m delighted that a band I’ve loved and followed so long, can not only shatter all my expectations, but raise the bar on an already glorious catalogue.


Oh man, as soon as all that brass comes in on None of Your Business Man my grin was bigger than the Cheshire Cat’s. The following hour and twenty just whooshes by doesn’t it? Fucking unreal. How have they managed to exceed expectations once again?!


Oh man had somehow completely forgotten this was coming out and so far (up to talking pictures) every picture is awesome, and it’s just making me really excited about getting into this more and more…

E: Torch to Light is fuuun and the first one that hit instantly, but the outro to Talking Pictures is cool as well. I am not a journalist by any stretch.


Nailed it! Great review


Yeah, so this is brilliant.

Amazing how they can out with something this full of ideas & ambition after the kind of flat Glass Boys.

I think mixing up the vocalists was a great move as well, gives them a lot more range and lets them try out totally different styles - if anything it just makes me appreciate Damien’s vocals more when he comes roaring back in after a couple of tracks away!

Think this is going to dominate my listening for the rest of the year (Julia Holter will also get a strong look in).


Just teared up during ‘I Don’t Wanna Live In This World Anymore’. I fucking love this band.


That song isn’t so amazing huh, it’s also call the police by LCD :joy:


Bit late to the party with this, first listen today. Fuck it’s a bit special isn’t it?


I really like Mechanical Bull


So, my dreams have been royally dosed all weekend. It really is a stunning album. The scope and songwriting are phenomenal. Looking forward to seeing how much of it is performed at the Garage next year. What an AOTY contender!


If you’re loving the album, life’s too peachy and you have a need to be irritated, enjoy Rolling Stone’s review and its references to Tom Petty, Bryan Adams and ‘Hold Steady with laryngitis’. I know, I know. It’s just a different opinion.


Worsr still, the album’s like 82 minutes long, nowhere near the 90 they accuse it of.


What is AOR and why does the reviewer have such a boner for using the term?


Saying “AOR rock” is like saying “PIN Number” isn’t it?


(I did a Google)


Given the band sued Rolling Stone a few years back it’s probably not that’s surprising they’re being salty