Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams



I’m finding it near impossible to listen to anything else.


I can’t believe I spent so much time trying to defend pitchfork in the music reviews thread. This review isn’t a total hatchet job, but it does smack of them just not getting it.


Ian Cohen though. Disregard anything that knobhead says.


Steer clear of the Observer review as well!


I didn’t know that. Helpful bit of context there.


Lol good job p4k has been irrelevant for years


It’s like he’s never heard of a band having more than one singer. “Ringo sings on some songs! Is John really even in The Beatles any more??”


Also Mike has pretty much always been the main songwriter, this is just the first time where Damian wasn’t involved


The 1-2 punch of Mechanical Bull and Accelerate is unbelievably good.


Ah phew this new one is great, listened through a few times today.

I wasn’t really that bowled over by DCTL as a whole despite some amazing tracks (having loved everything previously) and didn’t give Glass Boys much of a chance, worth revisiting?


Still not picked this up yet. Fully psyched for it reading through this thread.


Had some Fucked Up on the old iPod Classic for the best part of a decade and never really bothered to give them a listen, but thanks to you excitable lot I went and bought this a couple of days ago without having heard a note of the music.

Owe you all a pint tbh.


I would say yes regarding Glass Boys, it’s basically a trimmed down version of them focussing on big guitars (and I guess more of a hardcore vibe), it’s also relatively short by their standard so I still revisit when I want a a quick fix of no frills fucked up goodness


I going to drive by post this thread every time the record hits me (And I’m able to actually do an internet).
I nearly just cried when Love is an Island came round.
This is a perfect fucking album.
Also, I may have had a few beers.


This album is legit one of the best things ive ever heard


Wait… you know what this is?

This is the album Arcade Fire should’ve gone on to make, but they didn’t, so Fucked Up stepped in and provided the goods.


Owen Pallett bridging the gap we didn’t know was gaping.


AOTY innit. So ambitious and full of energy and never, ever dull which, for an 82 minute album is a fucking staggering achievement. I love them. SO EXCITED for The Garage show.


I like this but I’m nowhere near as in love with it as all you guys. It’s just a bit too much, y’know? I wish they didn’t feel the need to make all their records so damn long. A one hour banger with the fat trimmed would be near perfect.

Gonna give it a few more listens and quietly hope I can get on the bandwagon. It’s a nice looking bandwagon. I want in.


Genuine q, where is the fat on this record for you?