Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams



I haven’t been checking which track is which when listening tbh but there were a good few tracks I could do without. Maybe they’ll grow on me. I generally prefer shorter albums to long albums in general tbh but I tend to feel burned out well before the end with this one.

The highs are blummin’ high though.


So do you feel the same about their back catalogue?


I don’t quite feel there’s particular weak tracks, but I do start to lose sight of the beginning of the album by the time the last tracks roll around. Sort of feels more like a curated playlist than an albums at times, but that’s also coming from a short album fan.


This is usually me tbh. Anything over 40 minutes I mostly find a bit too self indulgent/bloated. Mostly. Fucked up are one of the few bands where I am delighted at the length of the albums. They never feel it for me?


I think Hidden World just about gets away with it’s length. I’d definitely trim David Comes to Life down a fair bit. The Chemistry of Common Life and Glass Boys are about the right length but the songs aren’t as strong on those imo.


This album goes by in no time. Coherent enough that it never loses it’s pacing but also very diverse and the album evolves during it’s running time so it can get away with it.


Not for me Clive. But then if I ever went to the Sistine Chapel I’d probably look up at the ceiling and say, “well yeah it’s good but fuck me there’s a lot of it, isn’t there?”


Pretty much same as me then


If we’re allowed to say our piece
about the things we like the least
on this record, then every time
for me it’s the convoluted rhymes


I’m unsure whether i should get this one or not. I loved The Chemistry Of Modern Life and saw them in a double header with The Bronx in glasgow not long after i got the album. But when David Comes To Life came out i just couldn’t get into it despite all the fawning reviews and praise it got, it just felt over wrought to my ears. Will i like this one any better? The track i listened to on YouTube (Normal People) didn’t really blow me away but then it doesn’t get mentioned all that much in the reviews. Need an album stream from somewhere i guess.


Just listen to it :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok, a few listens in now. It’s right in the sweet spot of nuts / joyous / genius. Sounds like a great record collection distilled in to 80 minutes. The second disc in particular… first run through it just made absolutely no sense at all, but in a massively enjoyable way.


It sounds very different to ‘David Comes To Life’


Two I’s Closed probably could have fit easily on Merriweather Post Pavilion


agree with @colossalhorse, really like this but dont think its quite the masterpiece , and it is too long. cant see myself often playing it in one


Keep going!


I’ve never really listened to them before (a long time ago I remember enjoying the first couple of songs off of The Chemistry of Common Life) but figure now’s a good time to finally jump in. There’s a lot to take in obviously and it’s going to take time, but I’m thoroughly loving The One I Want Will Come for Me.

It reminds me in some ways of one of my other favorite songs I’ve discovered here, Smokecreen by Amusement Parks on Fire.


I also really like Mechanical Bull, especially the way Damian’s vocals come roaring in for the chorus.


Think a lot of people are responding to this in the same way I did to The Sound Of Animals Fighting (though in my defence I was only about 16-17) - giving it high praise just because there’s a lot going on. The actual quality of songwriting is much lower than David Comes To Life


Damian’s so important on this record. Whenever I think it’s about to go a little bit too off the beaten track, he comes roaring in, tying everything together in a nice Fucked Up bow.

Funny how when I first saw them (on that Bronx tour mentioned above), his antics pretty much made me dismiss them as a gimmick band. But then I listened to Chemistry and Hidden World anyway and was, like, ah OK, and then the next time they rolled around I was fully into it.