Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams



there was an afterparty in Nottingham where The Bronx and ROlo djed, that was fun

god as if that was so long ago


I know! Almost a decade, mental


Been through this a couple of times now.

Wow, just incredible in every single way. So many highlights, currently loving the last minute or so of Talking Pictures and the soaring strings on House of Keys and how triumphant the drums sound. Aaaaahhhhhhh so, so, SO good.

None Of Your Business Man is a fantastic opening track as well, properly hits you like Heart Attack American. (Also, get a strong Rocket From The Crypt vibe from it)




They really don’t make ‘em like this anymore…




Seeing them tomorrow! FUCK YEAH


Next Friday for me. Very excited.
Have fun!


Report back please - I’m going to see them next Thursday.


Will do! Really interested to see what the setlist will be. Venue is tiny so it’ll be super intense.


Leeds for me as that’s where my tour coincides with theirs :joy:


going on Sunday

any news on supports?


Chastity suppporting on all dates bar Dublin and Amsterdam.


Tad underwhelming


Got The Number Ones in Dublin at least. Haven’t seen them in a long time


does deaf institute have the early curfew on sundays?


I’m not sure, but Footage shows wrestling and stuff in the early hours so I wouldn’t have thought it does


think sometimes it’s for the club night, not noise. sort of hoping it does finish early so I can get a train home and sleep in my own bed. #oldman


Anyone going to the Glasgow gig?