Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams



Yeah I’m definitely in double figures by now, probably the band I’ve seen the most? Them or the National anyway


Of big (I guess they are big) bands it is them or Low.
Must have seen Let’s Wrestle over 20 but I’ve know them since knee high so doesn’t really count (but was through them I got into Fucked Up).


I’d be shocked if we haven’t already met and shared very sweaty post FU hugs


Has anyone mentioned that the vocals seem a bit buried on this new song? Or are my headphones fucked.


Maybe just shit YouTube compression?

How fucking great a track is One More Night?

Got caught in a massive storm on my way home, so am three pints deep and loving DCTL.


Makes me :disappointed_relieved:


Any sign of stage times for FU and the support bands?

Got to figure out complicated travel and am hoping to see all 3 bands.


do all you can do David I still love you!


yeah I’m coming straight from work but hoping to do this too. I’m asking a pal who works at RFB


nope, no dice. It says doors 7.30, curfew at 12am now though so I would hazard a guess at:

8/8:15pm Sauna Youth
8:45/9pm Bad Breeding
9:30/9:45 Fucked Up


thought glass boys had its moments


Oh yeah it does, it’s not a bad album by any means, it’s just the weakest


Inexplicably glass boys was my intro to them so will always love it but do understand the opinions on it, im still hard pushed to pick a favourite, although you do make a good case for hidden world. Can’t wait for the new one too


Listening to David Comes To Life now and that run of ‘Queen Of Hearts’ into ‘Under My Nose’ into ‘The Other Shoe’ is absolutely perfect. Top ten album of all time for me.


the videos to Queen of Hearts and Turn the Season are amazing too


That seems like a guess well hazarded to me!


Yep, a superb run! DCTL was my entry point and remains my favourite. That run helps make the case for me, but Severed makes a compelling one for HW.


whispers Sauna Youth are on at 7.50, half hour breaks between bands taps nose


I’m so up for this today.


V excited despite ask of sleep, listened to HW on nightbus last night and now have DCTL on my way to work