Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams



Added bonus, ya boy @Ruffers is joining me


DOORS - 7:30pm

SAUNA YOUTH - 7:50pm
FUCKED UP - 10pm



I’m going with my brother so I was planning on avoiding any disers out of embarassment but that might be hard now


It is going to be unbelievably hot in that venue.
Going to have to go pint for pint beer and water just to stay upright.


Have a feeling I’m going to pass out


I’m sure I’ve come close before at Fucked Up shows in considerably less horrific conditions.


Top tip - don’t wear a watch to a fucked up gig


That was fun! Really looking forward to the album now


A bunch of fun indeed. And they’re coming back in January to have some more.


Ahaha was that you?!


Hi pals I had a lovely time and only cried once! (Other shoe)


yeah, no idea what I was thinking!

worth it though - best band.


yeah that was great

met @Severed799 for about 30 seconds as well




Everyone knows about Mr Abraham’s cracking punk podcast, right? Of course you do. Don’t know too many of his guests, but a great listen.


Just about to have my first listen to the album lads…


Do tell, do tell.


I will, decided to save it for a walk around Hampstead Heath


Well, that was something.


Something… Good?

Between this and Low my anticipation levels are off the chart, and you are sat on them both!