Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams



The tension is killing me


It’s going to take a little while to fully process as it’s another 90 minute double album but some initial thoughts:

It’s by far their most diverse and psychedelic.
Damian’s no longer at the centre, there’s a whole world of voices in this one. He said the other night he didn’t write any of it, it’s all Mike and Jonah.
There were a couple immediate “anthems” as they always do, one reminded me of call the police by LCD


Thanks for sharing. Any further thoughts welcome.

There’s not another 2018 album release I’m more excited about. Hangar gig did everything to stoke that.


oh also (spoiler I guess?) the second half of the ‘raise your voice joyce’ video comes much later in the album, it’s called ‘Two I’s Closed’


here’s my review from Friday, any DiSsers in shot?


Nice write up. I missed Sauna Youth, so can only agree fully for BB and FU.
Was a great show, leaving me super excited for the new LP and their return next year.


Sounds really good. Shame about Sauna Youth’s sound issues.

Have been listening to Fucked Up a silly amount recently so new album can’t come quick enough.


Feel bad giving a negative review to a band I like but hey I tried to make up for it by pushing their album release…

I’m on my 4th listen of the album now and think it’s goimg to really split opinion. People are either going to really love or hate this, which is quite exciting really (I’m falling in the love camp FYI, there’s just A LOT to take in)


Oh there’s track towards the end where I was like “that sure sounds like J Mascis”… turns out it is :smile:


Yeah alright this record is great, definitely ranks among Hidden World and David Comes to Life


Brilliant… Althought that has made the wait until its release in October just that little bit harder. No sign of the early 2019 tour dates quite yet.


Some dates dribbling through now

Sunday 20 January Ruby Lounge, Manchester
Mon 21 Jan 19 Think Tank, Newcastle
Thu 24 Jan 19 Patterns, Brighton
Friday 25 January Garage, London


doing Brudenell too


King Tuts, Glasgow Tues 22nd




All over the Garage gig like ants on jam


yup, same!



HIYAAAAAAAAA!!! :smiley:


eh, they’ve played Tuts before, wasn’t one of my favourite shows of theirs but then I hate that venue so shrugs


I quite like it and I haven’t seen them there so slice me up a piece of that action