Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams



well, enjoy! But i’m probably not gonna make the trip up for that one. Brudenell, however…


now if they played Stereo that would be lit af :fire::fire::fire: (it would also be carnage)


I would much prefer Stereo to be fair but I’ll absolutely take Tuts.


How come you don’t like Tuts? I’ve actually only been there once so don’t have any special love for it, but I know it has a great rep so I’m curious


it has a stupid layout, it usually sounds band, the people who run it are dickheads, it banks on that supposed “rep” for all it’s worth. Absolutely hate the place in every conceivable way, both as someone who has witnessed a few shows there and played it a couple times.


No Bristol date? Shitsocks!


It’s at the Belgrave isn’t it?


Tickets for London on sale now fyi


Fucked Up snapped up. Heavy DiS presence at this show?


Ticket booked for Brighton. Anyone else going to be there?


Not what I was expecting, but certainly working for me!


Honestly this is just the beginning


Absolutely LOVE that new track. So excited now.


What is the runtime of the record? Hoping for a lengthy beast.


Another awesome new track… And the release date seems so far off!

Diving into more and moee episodes of TOAP. Well worth checking out.


About 90 mins, it absolutely flies by tbh


Ace! Really want to dive in.



Is this like the ‘David’s Town’ comp.?!


Yeah, all female vocals appaz