Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams



I lost my copy of Glass Boys. Does anyone who slagged it off in this thread want to give me their copy?


I wouldn’t say anyone slagged it off exactly, more gave the opinion that it’s their weakest album… and it is


People still own physical copies of records?!


Yes. Yes they do. Lots of people.



I wasn’t being entirely serious but thanks for reminding me of the most blessed image of all time


I did, but I lost it. Didn’t you read that?


Im just bitter cuz I used to have a huge collection of FU records :sob:


Did you lose yours too? Crafty little bastards…


Shall I get hidden world or DCTL in advance of this.

@kallgeese this is your fault


DCTL! Then listen back!

Fuck, legit one of the best albums of all time.


Hidden World, it’s one of the best albums of all time :wink:


Think I’m ready to say I prefer Dose Your Dreams over DCTL #bigopinion


Whoa it must be really really good then


Both, definitely both


I just love how diverse it is, my only real issue with DCTL is that as great as the songwriting is it’s all pretty relentlessly one note. It works for that record and when I re-listened to it recently I forgot how many big tunes and packed in there but it does pretty much stick to one sound throughout. Dose Your Dreams literally nails about 10 different genres over its 90 minutes






Yeah there is definitely a one song sound to it but that’s what I kind of love about it… they managed to make a DOUBLE album of variations of the same amazing song but there’s enough variation of ideas/sounds/vocals to string it out to a 15+ song album. That’s fucking impressive


Oh aye for sure… but that’s why I prefer Hidden World