Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams



DCTL for me. Hidden World is stupidly good too… prefer it but prob cos I heard it before HW. So looking forward to yo the new one if you think it surpasses DCTL! Send us a copy eh… not sure I’ll last to October!


yeah but basically all their albums (including hidden world) are just one song


this shit about Fucked Up having one song per album is so wrong


Eh! Who’s saying that?


Tell me if I’m wrong but all I’ve seen is debate about which album is best or which album is below par…


the post right above mine


I know, but Hidden World does it better


Just… wait til you hear the new one


Alright lads, I’m gonna be interviewing Mike and Jonah tomorrow by the looks of it (I might email Damian with a couple Qs too depending on how it goes) anything yous want to know/think I should ask?


alright lads don’t all rush in at once geez


ask if they stand or sit to wipe their arse?


Hey, sorry meant to reply when I first saw this, quite generic but would be really interesting to hear the writing process for this album. You mention upthread it’s a pretty disparate range of sounds and genres so would be cool to know if this comes primarily from jam sessions or sharing ideas over email etc. Also if the lyrics come fully formed and are applied to the songs or if the track informs the narrative. Sorry bit of a rambling post…


Ha no it’s all good! These are things I definitely want to hit them up on. From my understanding Mike and Jonah pretty much wrote all of it this time around so definitely intrigued by that


Hidden World is still winging its way here but David Comes To Life has been here for a week now…IT’S FUCKING GREAT

Hold Steady vibes. Ridiculous Concept. Little hidden thing in the sleeve. Endless jams. “It’s all been worth it.” Kurt Vile. More guitars than I’ve ever heard. Makes my 2yo daughter dance. Yes.


I’ve always had strong hold steady vibes from them too


Yeah dude. Lofty lyrics with recurrent characters, hardcore vibes, 95% of it makes me want to drive a stolen car at 120mph.



Yeah, I just need this record now.


yeah this is one of the biggest bangers, this one reminds me of ‘Two Snakes’ on Hidden World


Yes, feeling similarly needy about this record. Very few other 2018 releases have I been this excited about.

And to think there are people in the world who’ve heard it all already…