Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams


“This album is about the freedom to live, to dream, and to make new dreams come alive in our real lives, which have been fed over to the forces of greed, social media, reification, consumerism, and social media. I can still remember when there were other dreams to be had. We read fantasies and history and the adventures of those who came before us, the failed romantic revolutions, and the struggles to make something different. I made this record to remind people that all those dreams are still up in the air, and that it’s up to any of us to grab one and make it real. You still get to have your own dreams and you still get to live your own life, in this era where social media and phones vie for our attention and take away all our time and put our emotions and relationships under lock and key and into shining little boxes, where we are more connected than ever, but more alone. Where we live in a world led by those so afraid that their only dream was to make money, and to make sure everyone had the same dream, those who would scold us, and make laws against us, and send us to work and to school, to shoot us and kill us and to lock us up and distract us, and kill us, forever. We remember other dreams, and we remember when living in other ways wasn’t just a dream.”

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