Fucked Up playing Hidden World in full


I’m away for the Manc date, gutted


Awwwwww nuts. I wish they were coming to Ireland.


I cant go as I am in Ireland! wanna put on a tribute?


It’s England only.


I’m going down for Mirrors Festival, it’s only £22.50 and decent line-up (lol like the rest of the line-up matters)


I don’t really know anyone else playing (heard of bat for lashes but never listened to them) but yep gonna pay full whack for Fucked Up alone


despite the truly terrible name, Diarrhea Planet are decent. FU are blatantly gonna be on at the same time as BfL


Yeah it does look pretty decent but not really willing to make the trip to the big smoke


or go to Manc, whatever, it’s the best album ever though


Really don’t want to miss this! Quite low on funds but it’s going to be special


hey I got to spazz all over this record for DiS


Great review
Great album
Great band


also strongly recommend anyone going to Mirrors sees Diarrhea Planet.

Ridiculous band


ooohhh, he review write good


Ha yeah despite the name I’m definitely wanting to check them out


Thanks lads!


The Chemistry of Common Life was my first introduction and I never went back to check out Hidden World. Going to do myself a favour and listen to it over the weekend.


yeah, I don’t think this is uncommon, most people got in from ChemCom or David onwards and there was never loads of press on Hidden World. Even now as it’s celebrating its 10th anniversary and they’re touring it, there’s still not much out there about this record, I’m not really sure what people have against it because it is, in my and many others mind, easily their best album. I think it’s just because it wasn’t on an “indie-major” like Matador and people tend to ignore punk music unless they really have to, I dunno. But I bet in two years time ChemCom will get more attention from its anniversary.


funnily enough Vice were the only publication who gave a shit about Fucked Up at that time, I guess because they’re also Canadian and put out the ‘Triumph of Life’ single



Nice write up Severed!