Fucked Up - Rolling Thread

Ooh that would be fun

Those recent setlists are a bit…rubbish

Yeah last night was decent enough but they were definitely better earlier in the year. Was interesting seeing them just as the OG 5 members for the first time.in forever but

christ these new songs are dull. have they just given up

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They should probably just give up now tbh.

Though I did write them off after Glass Boys and both Dose Your Dreams and Year Of The Horse were good so maybe they have something left in them.

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They’ve released 5 new songs

real back to the old day sound. Cops in particular is a banger

Just when I was out, they draw me back in!

Announced for Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff on 21st October and looks like Milton Keynes on 24th. Presumably more to come.


New album ‘Another Day’ August 8th


Announced today.

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10/21 – Cardiff, UK @ Clwb Ifor Bach ^
10/22 – Kingston, UK @ Fighting Cocks ^
10/24 – Milton Keynes, UK @ Craufurd Arms ^
10/25 – Oxford, UK @ O2 Academy Oxford ^
10/26 – London, UK @ Oslo ^
10/28 – Edinburgh, UK @ The Caves %
10/29 – Newcastle, UK @ The Grove %

^ with the Tubs
% with Fast Blood


It’s going to be the new album in full again pretty much yes? Not sure about that

Milton Keynes! What a time to be alive.

Pretty mad how a band that can be so explosive and inventive are happy to also put out shit loads of completely bland and nothingy songs


The Caves again?? What a year that place is having

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Hmmm…the name suggests they’ve done the same songwriting gimmick again?

Thats what Im guessing aye

Like springtime in the Canadian prairies, Another Day is fleeting but buzzes with activity—it’s Fucked Up’s shortest album ever and arrives the most quickly after a previous album by the band. One Day emerged in the winter of 2023. Each band member separately recorded all their respective parts in a single, presumably rather cold day. It’s a powerful document of a band known for elaborate, dense albums and (over-?) thinking everything through, instead letting go and trusting that they’d made the most of the time they assigned themselves to work with and against.

If One Day bore any traces of icy unfamiliarity, they’ve thawed for the upbeat, energized and optimistic Another Day, whose songs were recorded in the spring of 2023. If you compare the track listings and listen to what is being sung, you realize that in sequence and in a thematic sense lyrically, the two albums are absolutely connected in a purposefully contextual and rather brilliant narrative alignment. So, like any parts of a bold series, they’re not the same, but they’re not completely different.

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Absolutely not interested in this. Last album was just boring.

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