Fucked up shit from the past


Having to wait six months for a film to be released in the UK after the US had it.
Being proud that James Bond films were released here first.

Think that is it for the past?


Kula Shaker
Various exs


Videos having shitloads of adverts and stuff at the start.


I still think it’s an outrage that I have to watch adverts in the cinema. Hopefully that will be fucked up shit from the past in the future but I doubt it.


The massive delay in films going from cinema to video too (unless I’ve made that up in my head)


No that existed. It grew smaller over the years byr I think it may have been around 18 months once.


Also, weren’t VHS videos of films like £80 when they first came out?



Adverts on Sky/any other TV you pay for is outrageous as well.


We only had three that I remember, we had Raiders of the Lost Ark (good) and Being There and Heaven Can Wait (shit for kids) so I assume so.


I think those were the ones sold to rental shops. You could buy them but obviously the cost was really high so few people would.

There was a really long lead-in of rental periods before you could buy stuff in the shops for most of the 80s I think. Like Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi only came to home VHS in about 88? But they’d been available to rent for years.


Just walking (or driving) to a blockbuster (or similar) just to watch a film.


Remote controls connected to the video player/tv with a two foot cable. Am I just regurgitating peter kay material now?


I lived in a house where someone had just this sort of remote control. That was about 1982, I guess.




Without them we would not have mango Rubicon


Used to have one for the video machine that made it alternate between fast-forwarding and re-winding constantly. Totally useless.


Alright, well without mango Rubicon and education and the sewage system and the roads etc what have they ever done for us?!


That’s ok



Are there ads in PPV events?