Fugazi STATS thread (fao theos). BIT self indulgent8

So I’ve spent all day listening to all the fugazi songs and ranking them out of 10.



11 songs scored 10/10:

Waiting room
Shut the door
Long division
Bed for the scraping
By you
Epic problem

Albums/eps av. Score:

  1. The argument - 8.73
  2. Repeater - 8.55*
  3. Fugazi- 8.29**
  4. In on the kill taker- 8.25
  5. Red medicine - 8.23
  6. Steady diet of nothing - 8.09***
  7. End hits - 7.69
  8. Margin Walker- 7.67**
    9= 3 songs - 6.67
    9= furniture - 6.67
  9. instrument soundtrack - 6.61

*repeater + 3 songs would only average 8.14
**13 songs averages 8.00
***guess its time to stop pretending this is my favourite, eh?

Guy - 8.07
Ian - 8.00*
Joe- 7.5
Instrumentals - 7.04**

well done guy!

*ian would have won if it wasn’t for a horrifically low score for one song. Can you guess what it is??
**instrument soundtrack brings the average down significantly

General observations
Interesting to see how guy gradually became the moe regular vocalist over time
Kill taker is proper solid, but no songs i gave maximum marks to. Rend it comes closest.
Fucking hell. What an album the argument is. What a way to end a career.
I’m so tired deserves better than the instrument soundtrack.
Still surprised by how trebley repeater sounds

data notes
I didn’t include first demo
111 songs were ranked
Lowest score 3
Highest score 10
5 = an ‘average’ song in general terms.

Good night!


Another vote for davidoff the argument is the best album

Hmm. Annoyingly dis had reformatted my ranking - instrument soundtrack should be 11th

I was recently given all the Fugazi albums on CD, along with some EPs and twelve bootlegs of shows. I haven’t listened to a single one. Might start by using thewarn’s comprehensive ratings.


I can pm you the spreadsheet

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Horrifically low score = Me and Thumbelina?

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Nailed it

I’ll go by your album ratings!


Cool! I was (kind of) joking about the spreadsheet.

Obviously id need to email it.

I’m surprised Long Distance Runner isn’t a 10


Did you accidentally skip Public Witness Program or something?


Casavettes from Killtaker is my favourite.

What you got against Brendan?

Sorry - should have made that clearer. Ranking according to the lead vocalist on each song.

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Gave it a 9. Would be in my top 15.

  1. Close!

Handclaps nearly take it to 10!

Here comes the argument


Honestly cannot believe Blueprint isn’t 10/10.

I have the remastered version of Repeater and sadly it doesn’t really seem to do much to correct the levels or mix. :frowning:

I can get behind all your 10s but I would certainly add more to them.

Also interesting to see the effect of overall strength pushing Steady Diet up as a “go to” fave even if it lacks your favourite tracks.

And yeah, The Argument is so good. Recall it not getting a top reception on release but it feels like a real true grower.

Cheers Warny