Fugazi STATS thread (fao theos). BIT self indulgent8


Honestly cannot believe Blueprint isn’t 10/10.

I have the remastered version of Repeater and sadly it doesn’t really seem to do much to correct the levels or mix. :frowning:

I can get behind all your 10s but I would certainly add more to them.

Also interesting to see the effect of overall strength pushing Steady Diet up as a “go to” fave even if it lacks your favourite tracks.


And yeah, The Argument is so good. Recall it not getting a top reception on release but it feels like a real true grower.

Cheers Warny


Cashout’s a 10 for me, Clive


Just listened to Me and Thumbelina. Double lol. What does it get 3 marks for? Its brevity?


what criteria were you awarding these scores by?


maybe my fave Ian song

which reminds me, I haven’t listened to The Evens for ages

what do you think of them, eh Warny?


This was a close run thing.

I was marking harshly!

Think its the opposite actually. It has kyeo and long division - both near perfect songs for me. Conversely, although kill taker is more consistently excellent , doesn’t quite have any of my absolute faves, which is prob why ive underrated it in the past.


The Argument in it’s rightful position


1 point for brevity. 1 point for having the audacity to release it. 1 point for not playing it when i saw them.


I do like the evens, yep. But havent listened to them in yonks


Oh yeah sorry got a bit muddled by the Kill Taker comment further down.


Killtaker is probably my favourite, the second half isn’t quite as solid but the first half is superb.

The Argument is also very good. I’ve listened to the rest but never been as compelled to go back to them


How much he could irk you.


I like Ian’s voice best when it’s like that


the best album is Red Medicine [taps nose]


i don’t think i’m really irkable when it comes to fugazi. i like em but i’m not a penoid about them.

thinking about selling my fugazi vinyl actually if anyone’s in the market


Well, that’s shut me up. Goodnight warny, sleep well.

PS I really like long division too :heavy_division_sign:


I kind of like it for its sheer balls of existing on a release.

It’s pretty funny.


Just how much i like them! No science behind it.


How did you rate Caustic Acrostic vs Slow Crostic?

I mean obviously I love Caustic but there’s something beautiful about being able to hear every part of the song in the slow version.