Fugazi STATS thread (fao theos). BIT self indulgent8


I agree - Its one of the few demo versions i think is worthwhile going back to.


i agree


i prefer the slow version, definitely


such a good meeting of punkness and experimentation


@1101010 i also think the Closed Captioned demo is better than the End Hits version


Only ever heard that waiting room song but it was pretty nice and I would definitely listen to it again.

This has been my fugazi review.


Check out the song Blueprint, Bammers.


Ok, hopefully it’s on Spotify I’ll check it out in the morning


Out of interest why didn’t you rate First Demo? I mean we already have demos on Instrument and TBH I think it’s a really strong release despite its nature (probably because mastering is so much better now than it used to be so it sounds incredibly good).


Should be or it’s on YouTube. It’s on the album Repeater, the ‘breather’ after the fast opening tracks (which are also good IMO).



please go to this thread and vote accordingly

can you believe I was the only voter, wtaf m9




We’ll never forgive you for this the warn


Yeah, my feeling about thewarn is he’d be



It is actually really tough to make a very caustic acrostic to spell out his name. Come in guys, who can do the most caustic one?


Why does nobody like End Hits as much as I do?


some of it reminds me of Pearl Jam


i voted it as their best, figured the argument would have enough votes


Cashout’s maybe my least favourite song from The Argument :fire::fire::fire:


I really like it, probably the first one I got into properly, has this (IT ME!)