Fugazi STATS thread (fao theos). BIT self indulgent8


this one auch:


I wish someone had filmed Craig Joe and I’s Brixton Windmill Red Medicine set, it was so much better than this haha


Didn’t realise you were in I, S, DP.

Did you support Seal Cub Clubbing Club back in the day? I’m sure I read a review of that gig. Lamacq was in attendance too?


@thewarn what score did you award ‘Great Cop’?

@ericV which vinyls?


I was only in the very last stages before it morphed into Spoilers tbf, so no i don’t think so!


from memory i think i have repeater, red medicine, end hits and the argument, might possibly have an evens record or two as well.


hit me up with an all in price if you decide to sell :+1: :slight_smile:


this is opinion is weird and stupid, my dude. YOU HEARD.

it’s such a brilliant piece of scene-setting, and a rare example of political lyrics that are both smart and, y’know… lyrical.

it sets the scene musically, and all, with the tapping of snare rims, and the spy film-esque chords; you can totally picture some guy working for like, a social housing charity or a socialist political party or organisation or something, on a bleak early morning with a coffee and a paper, scrutinising this whole shitty process. and the way it ramps up, with the cello girding the distorted guitars? nice


I get all that, and please don’t conflate it with me saying “I dislike this song” because I don’t, it’s a practically perfect album in every way, I just think where the album goes after Cashout is far more rewarding


I don’t think it makes sense to take a song that, like, sets up the whole album, and say it’s not as rewarding as what follows… like, it’s cool that you prefer the songs that follow, but let’s not pretend it’s anything more than personal preference!

big fan of that cello (or double bass? idk), though. you ever listened to The Ex? they’re masters of that kind of sound.

great use of space, also.


I reckon my fave songs on the album are the ones that follow suit; like, Life and Limb, The Kill… ahh man, what a great record.


I never claimed anything other than personal preference :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah I prefer those songs


oh yeah, you said “I think”


quibbling over subtle disagreements is the most DiS thing to do, eh <3


Controversially I think that The Argument is my least favourite Fugazi album. Was the last one I heard and despite a number of listens it’s never properly clicked. Then I get involved in Fugazi discussions, think I must be wrong & missing something…and then re-listen to experience the same. Still think it’s a good album though.

For what its worth….

In on the Kill Taker>13 songs (based on the strength of Margin Walker tracks)>Steady Diet of Nothing>End Hits>Repeater>Red Medicine>The Argument>Instrument Soundtrack

Anyone go the Furniture 7” and want to sell it? It’s the only Fugazi record I’m missing (except for the Sub Pop version of 3 songs if anyone wants to get rid of that also!)


well, I’d say for some people it’s not what people “want” from Fugazi, my best pal Joe who was instrumental (whey) in getting me into Fugazi isn’t that bothered about The Argument either


One of the things i was interested in was seeing if i preferred guys or ians songs. First demo would have been double weighting, essentially. Less of a problem with instrument

as most of them are instrumentals.

Ended up as a 7 :fearful: after much deliberation (was initially an 8).
Turns out (as a general rule) when it comes to short ranty ian hardcore blasts, i prefer the earlier stuff


This is as good a place as any to post a picture of the new t-shirt I got at Christmas


Matches the duvet cover well


Definitely agree that Guy just gets better and better as time goes on whereas Ian is a bit stuck up until maybe The Argument where everything comes together