Fugazi STATS thread (fao theos). BIT self indulgent8


I scanned it. Would like to add that Repeater as a whole should be higher but I think the final quarter kinda let’s it down (still great but not amazing)


Yeah I kinda agree with that, maybe Kill Taker over Repeater


Are you talking about the original version, or +3 songs? I think shut the door is the perfect closer, but not a massive fan of any of the 3 songs they tacked on.


Red Medicine
13 Songs = Repeater
Killtaker = Instrument
Argument = End Hits
Steady Diet
First Demo


Look I can take this joke from @thewarn but if you can’t get the obvious joke in my reply to @Severed799’s comment I’m a bit confused :grinning:


No idea what you mean. And I’m not taking the piss… you will have to explain where I’ve looked to be a knob. Otherwise let’s just sgree that I’m right :kissing_smiling_eyes:


That’s not my list. It’s an image of some other (wrong) user’s list that I turned upside down as a joke response to Severed799 saying his list was the wrong way up.


Ya I got that… how bout you make a list then we discuss?


Hahaha OOFT :joy:


Yeah that was a bit rough. Sorry @1101010. But please do list us up


Would like their stuff to be remastered. The shitty production puts me off


I did not like Red Medicine at all when I bought it and have only listened a few times since then.

I put it on this morning after reading this thread and it is good, isn’t it?


Took me a while to appreciate that one, too.


Never had a problem with the production on any of their albums; think it’s spot on for their sound


Kill Taker
Steady Diet
13 Songs
End Hits
Red Medicine


13 Songs
Kill Taker
Red Medicine
Steady Diet
Argument (Need to give this more listens, judging by this thread)
End Hits


says something about a band when nearly any of their studio albums can be considered their best


all but one wrongly, though


aye, i tried listening to some of the Albini Killtaker sessions once, with high expectations as a huge fan of Albini-recorded stuff, but turns out they don’t really fit together.


yeah even albini knows they were shite