ful medames is better than hummus


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Hummus be joking

  • I had to look up what ful medames was
  • I ooze culture and sophistication

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ful medames is one of the best things ever

Had the triangle at Abu Hassan. Hummus, Ful Medames & Labneh. Bea-utiful.

Yeah but I find fava beans very hard to come by in the UK whereas chickpeas are in every corner store

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i just find hummus really dependable
not sure you could say that about ful medames

it depends

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What’s the aubergine dish called? Baba ghanoush? That is the king of pita dippy stuff


Ful meonce - shame on me
Ful medames - best thing ever

aren’t fava beans just broad beans? every supermarket will sell you a tin or a bag of frozen

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Well aren’t I a mug. Are they easy to find dry though? I want to make falafel

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dry, I’m not so sure about. could be trickier

No labneh
No likeh

Well thanks for your help thus far (falafel made with these is absolutely above chickpea falafel)

looks like you can get dried online easy enough. a bit of a faff, but it’s something

not sure I’ve tried fava falafel, it sounds brilliant

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couldn’t eat a full one

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Nobody has ever topped mushy peas

But does it bring all the boys to the yard?