Full English pie

Ah, but you’d need something vaguely liquid inside the pie, and the other ingredients of a full English are all solids (unless you count a runny egg yolk)

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Toms and mushrooms would do it maybe.

Assuming this was veggie it just doesn’t look like it could possibly contain the huge, plate-covering quantities I expect from a cooked breakfast, TBH.

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I see this kind of thing and just think of the Pie Pie of Shrewsbury

“Ate Days a Week” nah

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‘I Ham The Walrus’

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Take two great things and turn them into something distinctly average. A Cambozola if you will.

Didn’t like how much he was fingering the fry up at the end there tbh.

Do want a normal pie now though.

A lot of passion goes into creating, developing and refining our ever evolving menu

‘Ok, so we’ve got roast beef or ham sandwiches. Should we do anything else?’

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One full English pie, one beef sandwich and one Phil Foden’s head please

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