Full List Of Members of So Solid Crew

Bit of nostalgia




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  • So Solid Cruz
  • So Solid Clive

Normally make it about this far before I get the giggles

I went to megaman’s trial as part of my alevel psychology course at the old bailey. Never knew a murder trial could be so boring, it was just a lot of phone transcripts being read out. Think he was cleared of all charges eventually

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Calpol 6 Plus is and always will be my favourite.



at any point during proceedings did you say to yourself “I really wish there was only 21 seconds to go”


MC Soo Sooliid Creew

The golden age of Wikipedia editing is sadly over

I spent around 15 minutes changing the name of every single character Andrew Lincoln ever played to Egg and it turns out someone has to review it before the changes go live


21 Seconds is still amazing and still one of the best British tunes and videos of the early 00s, fyi


Absolutely no chance

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Yeah, edited. Was '01.

Little Fuckin’ Kev and Ginger Joe

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Big fan of So Solid Dog, simple gag done well


thing that pisses me off about it most is lots of them get more than 21 seconds

  • DJ Marc ‘In da Trees’ Allen
  • Notorious B.L.T.
  • Hiroshima Twinkie
  • Hairy Cakelinum
  • Klaus Nomi
  • Tiger loves Wang
  • Naomi Notorious
  • Donna Kebab
  • So Solid Dog
  • Murray The Athlete
  • Rodney Dangerfield
  • Templeton Peck
  • Max Deposit
  • Harvey Toothpaste
  • MC Bobbie Babishh
  • Duncan Doughnuts
  • Michael Knight and KITT
  • Frank The Tank
  • Grassy Knowles
  • Mad Moniker
  • Roll Ups
  • Benjamin Stackerz
  • Calpol SixPlus
  • Rhyming Douglas
  • Night Nurse
  • Nick Da Nutter
  • DJ Campbell
  • Supa Soaka
  • Tinhead
  • Mr Brittas
  • Cogley Bonanza
  • Frank Castle
  • Spewy Hewy
  • Sergeant Slaughter
  • LT F. Drebbin
  • Father Braunmas
  • Joseph ‘MC’ Barton
  • Martin Clunez
  • Father Stone
  • Ms Money-Sterling
  • Jimmy Jinx
  • Fan-E Craddock
  • Clarky Cat
  • Yorkshire T
  • Brain Departments
  • The Green Bastard
  • Chazza Muckian
  • Boro Pizzas
  • Ivor T. Engine
  • Mediocre Dave

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The one that’s getting me this time round is Floooid Ounce for some reason.

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