Full list of things you can and can't do here


Type - I can do this one
Use Markdown - ?
BByCode - ?
Html - probably not
Drag or Paste - probably can

can someone share the tips and tricks and other things you can do, or can’t?
mainly can.

new users can’t upload pictures


can somebody make it so i can upload pictures. i’ve an idea for a thread


i managed to post a link, so there’s that


have you tried polls?

  • yes
  • no

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Poldark on Mopeds

  • Yes
  • No

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not yet but i’m going to try


you can’t share ebooks


Your mum

(busy elsewhere)


is it possible to make friends?


You have a little cog far right of the icons above the edit panel with some extra options.


thanks theo


Not all of these features may be available to you at your current trust level, however.



i’m a good guy


I think I was able to vote both Yes and No on this poll!


does it remember the last post you saw in a thread? wow!


i like desktop notifications




nice avi casseroles