Fun Friday morning thread about unusual ways of answering the phone in Film, TV and what have you (two examples included)


‘Thrill Me’ - the detective from Night of the Creeps
’What it is?’ - Prince in Under the Chezza Moon (bonus fact, when my sister (yes, her) used to answer the phone in her mid teens she used that. I still like to bring that up).

What have you got!

I had a really good idea for a thread

What did balonzs sister do when she met the former newcastle and west ham goalkeeper?

Shake-a his slop?



“Speak” - Jonathan “Johnny Sack” Saccramone in the Sopranos.




We all having fun?


I’m surprised it’s taken this long: ahoy hoy?


I often go with the Homer Simpsons “Yyyyello”. I don’t know why, I think it’s because I’m a bona fide twat.


“What’s my favourite hospital food? Jello!”

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