Fun grand national 2018 thread 🐴

play for fun.

First 39 people to enter will be randomly selected a horse.
Enter below.

  • I would like to be one of the 39
  • I would not like to be one of the 39

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hello taken

i got valseur lido in the work sweepstake

and because this is a small company i also got see you at midnight

I hope both of your horses finish the race cowcow. :+1:

Hello :horse_racing:

With this username I suppose I have to be in for this.


yes, i hope that they are all still alive afterwards

In the words of Charlie Brooker “an event which does for horses what a horse killing machine also does for horses.”


shall I put you down as a maybe?

feeling a little horse


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is that horse for yes?

that’s a pretty inefficient horse killing machine. Like, 2 horses out of 240ish? Needs work

For a moment I thought this was some sort of poorly executed chat-up line and you were suggesting a late night hook-up with @Matt_was_taken

i’m not saying it isn’t

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£4 old blue last etc

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