Fun ideas for a fun session please (help)

The rota has finally come round to me and I’m responsible for hosting a fun zoom session for my team at work.

Half hour, strictly no quizzing.

We’ve done drawsaurus, scattergories and fibbage before.

Anyone have any suggestions for a fun thing to do over zoom with about 12 people?

I know what these are without Google

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Scattergories is a classic board game. A classic.

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Use your words

publicly resign


One-shot RPG

Treasure hunt, first one back to the camera with the item gets a point etc.

My team did a scavenger hunt where someone says for example “Find something in your house older than you” and the most impressive one wins. I was on annual leave tho so missed out on that joyous moment.


Breakout rooms, have everyone play a game of ludo

This sounds like you’re telling me to stop smashing things up!

In half an hour? I mean, it’s ambitious, but what the hell.

You have to disguise your ass as the ass of a well known figure from the public realm and then the Zoom people have to guess who’s ass you’ve dressed up as


Ita game similar to the jackbox ones but is a word based game where you put in subtitles to movie clips n stuff

Its also fairly cheap iirc

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This is a great suggestion, but it’s literally every ice breaker at the moment.

Fucking hate an ice breaker, but that’s a bigger discussion

I don’t know enough famous asses well enough, sorry.

Puppetry of the penis

That’s the joy of the game!

Fine, a read through of a Parks and Recreation script


Which episode?