Fun Party Thread - with the possibility of an excel question!

Stacked bar chart based on %s. Is there a possibility to get an unrelated number to sit atop each bar?

There probably is… but I can’t think of a way.

Hope this helps.

It is a great comfort to me.

Could take a screenshot and use microsoft paint maybe?

If I could have that on working day 9 each month that would be much appreciated.

I’m not sure what you mean. Could you alter this example to show please?


Change chart type, select a custom combination, make it bar and line. Add data labels to the line, make the line white. Right click on the chart, select data, then select the cells with the unrelated numbers to fit in the line axis. Should work

You’d have to do this the other way round sorry, add the data first then change the chart type. Should still work though

The issue is that the number has to sit atop the stacked bar so while the stacked bar may hold 15% & 8% in one and 23% and 14% in the next, the first bar might need the number 37 and the second 432. If you did it with the line they would be all over the shop.

How many fields are there? The number label will populate in a text box you can move about. Faff but if there aren’t many it won’t take long

  1. Technically I will not have to do it myself but don’t think I can ask someone to do that every month.

I think I will just tell the punter that it isn’t possible. He has no way of knowing.

Yeah, can’t think of anything else sorry

I’m just here to meet girls. Hello?

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Here you go but let’s say that the number on top of each chart is the number of skittles each person can eat before they are sick.

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Oh. Can you add formulae into the data labels. If you make the line the total then put formula in pointing to the cell you want to display that should work. Will need doing manually first time but will automatically update thereafter

line plot on the secondary axis

That won’t put a random number at the top of each stack?

The number is not a total of the stack.

The number is totally unrelated. That is opportunity taken in two different areas and the number would be absolute sales.

I think I have wasted enough time on this now. Cheers anyway.

I know. Do the line plot of the totals. Then change the label to a formula pointing to the cell with your random number in. Line and therefore label will stay in the same place, number will be whatever you want it to be

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Cheers, that worked. But it was fucking boring to do. You ruined the party!