Fun sayings in other languages

Do you know any?

Sorry I’m very English so I don’t. Not a great start to the thread but I think there are some more worldly people here who can help.

lociento pero no hablo espanol!

Mi tengo no conho para faralillos

you have no conho for faralillos?

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I like this one from Polish: Nie mój cyrk, nie moje malpy

Not my circus, not my monkeys


thank you for getting the ball rolling

(that’s an English saying that means to start things off :slight_smile: )

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My pussy does not have time for little lanterns


yeah I can’t think of a great response sorry!

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I’ve got these screenshots I saved from somewhere I can’t remember that you might enjoy (the Misc Images folder always delivers)

Hungarian idioms


How commonly are these actually used @whiterussian?


That’s the twitter handle of an (?ex?) DiSer, and I wondered what it meant.

Fry me a stork! Old Swedish guy! :rofl:

Why is the Swedish guy necessary there?!

Not sure if this will work properly, but there was a good thread on the old boards about foreign idioms and sayings:

My suggestion was the Japanese phrase “mekuso hanakuso wo warau” = eye bogies laughing at nose bogies = the pot calling the kettle black

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I have no idea, I have never heard anyone say it, unlike some of the others on the german list

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ratsi rezhe riba

what’s this one?

My Bulgarian mate told me it’s what they teach kids to practice saying if they have trouble rolling their R’s. Just means something like ‘crab cuts fish’. a nice saying I think cause of the rolling R lesson.

Early Shakira lyrics etc


thought maybe it was like the roman thing veni vidi vici

I say it a lot and still can’t roll my R’s though.

Ich habe schpass gemacht.

German version of ‘I had fun’ but literally ‘I have made fun’.

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